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Effective Analysis & Strategy

John and John offer a “cradle to grave” set of services to help you enter the US international payments market or optimize your current presence.

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Early Planning

Just Thinking About entering the US International Payments Market? Want to stay up-to-date?

If you are very early in the process, or just considering the possibility of entering the US market at some point, we recommend subscribing to our quarterly intelligence report on the changing state of the US international payments market. Contact us to subscribe and we will send you the most recent report and future intelligence on:

  1. Changes in the market itself
  2. Changes in the regulatory landscape
  3. Changes in the licensing arena.
  4. Insights from industry veterans
  5. Opportunities in the US international payments space

Free Consultation

John and John offer an initial 45-minute consultation for free. This consultation is geared toward helping to orient you to the US market but more importantly understanding your interest and capabilities in entering the US international payments market. We will also answer your questions. From this meeting we can craft a plan for the best way to work together. No obligations.

Laying Your Groundwork

The terrain of the US international payments market is quite different from the European market and other markets around the world. For example, the market itself is inherently different because of the US Dollar being the current reserve currency of the world, many industries that need foreign exchange payments in other areas of the world do not need them in the US. Another example is the unique and often fluid regulatory landscape. Recruiting and geographic considerations are also of great importance which we will help you navigate.

We will help you craft a highly customized, long term strategy, a runway, for your involvement in the US market. The strategy will be fitted to the vision and capabilities of your organization. Such a plan may include starting very early on the compliance, licensing and banking groundwork. The strategy might also include intelligence gathering and even introductions to companies in the US that might make good acquisition targets or partners to further your objectives.

Entering the Market with Veterans

Enter the US market with veterans of the process who have successfully helped other companies with this key development in their company’s growth.

When it comes time to begin operations, based on your strategic plan, we can assist in every aspect.

  • Location planning and execution
  • Recruiting for sales, customer service, operations, compliance, licensing and administrative positions
  • US Market specific training for new recruits
  • Oversight to the degree that makes sense for your organization

Free Consultation

John and John will interact closely with the line managers and interpret progress or warning signs for your C-level executives.

Growing Your Stake in the Market

We will help you grow your investment in the US market.

Whether you need much or very little assistance in ensuring the growing your US investment, you can take advantage of John and John’s experience.

  • Ongoing oversight to the level of your need
  • Analysis and recommendations based on business operations and reporting
  • Establishing growth goals and suggesting specific course corrections
  • Ensuring that your staff are capable and ready to run the operation on their own
  • Identifying new market and marketing opportunities
  • Identifying strategic partnerships

The items above can be a la carte, fitted to your needs.

Planning for the Eventual Exit

The long term exit plan is of great importance and affects planning and decision-making much earlier in the life of the business. John and John can help you with this planning.

  • Strategy development
  • Merger and acquisition research and assistance in the process
  • Use our industry relationships to multiply opportunities