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Payment Metrics started 2006 in Burke, VA. John Green and John Min are industry veterans who have combined over 50 years of experience in the foreign exchange payments industry. John and John have successfully started or run multiple international payment operations in the US for banks and international money service businesses and also assisted in growing existing operations for their clients worldwide.

  • TIAA (Everbank)
  • JP Morgan
  • World First USA
  • AFEX
  • Fleetcor (Cambridge)
  • VISA (Earthport)
  • Deutche Bank
  • Western Union (Custom House and Ruesch International)

Payment Metrics provides a full range of customized international payment consulting and advisory services.  John and John work with international money service businesses, Fintechs and banks who are starting or expanding their US operations.

John and John can help you with:

  • Planning and exit strategies
  • State-by-state market potential analysis
  • State/Fed compliance requirements and/or license acquisition
  • Proven start-up plan to fit your budget and time table
  • Tailored sales plan and/or program to deliver your expansion or growth goal
  • Recruitment and industry-specific training program

Contact us for a no-obligation, confidential and free 45-minute consultative call to learn more about the Payment Metrics services and capabilities and how they may be put to work for you.  We may also be able to meet with you in person for this consultation.